Exercise & Health

Sworkin’ While We Workin’

Some sing “you can work from home” and others Sworkit at work. Like me! This week’s #WhereISworkit is at the office. To show how practical Sworkit is for your busy every day life here are some Sworkit moves I like to do while at work or on my lunch break.

And there’s no better place for a quick yoga session either. Sometimes my body gets tight from sitting at work all day and I just need to stand up and stretch or go outside and get fresh air. Sworkit is perfect for the workplace!

Today I focused on yoga moves, stretching and a little bit of cardio to wake up the body.

This workout is a bit more of a relaxed one but I find it to be very helpful. Sworkit at work helps me focus better and feel refreshed throughout my day. I need to get out of my seat and move around.

Get up, go out and take the world by Sworkit storm.

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