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Sworkit Poolside! Today With A Friend

My adventures with Sworkit continue. Today’s high is 106 degrees in Tempe, Arizona. The wannabe weather woman in me feels the need to let you know that today is actually not too hot for the average Arizonian. But sometimes there’s no better way to cool off than a jump in the pool. An even better way to cool off is a Sworkit in the pool!

My friend Mikaela and I decided to take our relaxing pool day and turn it into a fun poolside workout. #Sworkit

Be sure and remember to squeeze those abs during this workout. Slow, steady and controlled will help get you the best workout from this one.

Oh and one more thing, you may need the “eye of the tiger” as Katy says. No need to bite your tongue or hold her breath here. This workout is all above water. Keep it safe and simple and Sworkit!

Mikaela and I love to Sworkit together. She introduced me to the App Sworkit about three months ago. Now, we laugh so hard whenever we talk about the crazy places we like to Sworkit. Though I must say it’s always more fun working out with a friend. I encourage you all to try and Sworkit with a friend this week!

Download the app.

Post your videos and include the hashtag #WhereISworkit

And be sure to follow Sworkit on Instagram @sworkitapps


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