Exercise & Health

Sworkin’ While We Workin’

Some sing “you can work from home” and others Sworkit at work. Like me! This week’s #WhereISworkit is at the office. To show how practical Sworkit is for your busy every day life here are some Sworkit moves I like to do while at work or on my lunch break. And there’s no better place… Continue reading Sworkin’ While We Workin’

Into My Life

The Real Life of a 2o-Year-Old Intern

What is it like being an intern at 20 years old? Some people think, “Oh! It’s coffee runs and paperwork and all the jobs nobody likes to do…” But there’s so much more to being an intern these days. Along with all of our tasks can come insecurities and challenges that once we overcome push… Continue reading The Real Life of a 2o-Year-Old Intern