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Sworkit On Campus!

I’m wrapping up my #WhereISworkit campaign with this last Sworkit short video! Check it out! It’s been a great month of Sworkit(ing) around my favorite places in Arizona and California. I’m so glad I got to share some of my short workout videos with you. Hopefully you enjoy the Sworkit app as much as I do. It’s such… Continue reading Sworkit On Campus!

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Sweat It, Sworkit! #WhereISworkit In The Sonoran Desert

It isn’t a workout unless you’re sweating! Sometimes I enjoy working out in the sauna of my own backyard. In case you were wondering, it’s currently 108 degrees in Arizona at the time I shot this video. The only time you can workout in the desert is at night and even still it’s hot hot… Continue reading Sweat It, Sworkit! #WhereISworkit In The Sonoran Desert

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Ever Wonder #WhereISworkit?

Welcome to my Sworkit Series! For the next five weeks I’ve teamed up with Sworkit to help launch their new campaign … “Where I Sworkit!” Share videos of you Sworkin’ It around town, in the halls at school, on vacation or anywhere you use the Sworkit app. Be sure to add the hashtag #WhereISworkit and you might… Continue reading Ever Wonder #WhereISworkit?

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Need A Quick Workout On The Go? Don’t Sweat It … SWORKIT!

Summer is finally here so let’s party like we’re on vacation!! While traveling, it can be hard to keep up any sort of fitness regiment. With my new fitness find there’s no excuse not to work out while on vacation. It’s called Sworkit and it’s my go to beach bod on the go. This summer I’ve… Continue reading Need A Quick Workout On The Go? Don’t Sweat It … SWORKIT!