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This Week’s Cardio with Caitlin

At the Track:

One lap around the track followed by bleachers X 4 (one mile total)

  • Running bleachers gets my heart rate up like nothing else. It’s a great workout for toning your entire leg.

At the Gym:

On the treadmill, I alternate days where I increase the speed by 0.5 on the whole workout. (So one day I up the speed and the next day I don’t.)


  • First column: time
  • Second column: speed
  • Third column: incline
  • Fourth column: intensity

On the Mat:

For those who can tumble I find it to be a great cardio workout! It strengthens my abs and works virtually every muscle in my back, arms, and legs. I promise you’ll be sore!

  • Round off back handspring(s) X 3
  • Round off back handspring(s), back tuck X 3

If you cannot tumble no worries, just skip this workout and replace it with whatever cardio alternative you enjoy. I suggest boxing!

I love to end an intense cardio day with yoga! It really helps relax my muscles. If I can, I’ll take a Vinyasa Flow class or hot yoga class for one hour.

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