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This Week’s Cardio with Caitlin

At the Track: One lap around the track followed by bleachers X 4 (one mile total) Running bleachers gets my heart rate up like nothing else. It’s a great workout for toning your entire leg. At the Gym: On the treadmill, I alternate days where I increase the speed by 0.5 on the whole workout.… Continue reading This Week’s Cardio with Caitlin

Faith · Into My Life

Being Thrown Into the Lion’s Den

(written on October 12th, 2015) Right when I thought I had everything planned out, God threw me a curve ball. Do you ever feel like Daniel being thrown into the lion’s den? Well, today I feel like him. I was supposed to have all semester long to prepare for Capture, which is APU’s student TV… Continue reading Being Thrown Into the Lion’s Den

DIY · Treats

Pumpkins + Trader Joes = It’s Finally Fall Time!

When I was a little girl my grandpa called me his “little pumpkin head”. I’m not sure if that’s because of my red hair or my love for pumpkins. I was so excited to hear that Trader Joes has officially brought out all of their yummy pumpkin spice flavored foods! Here are my must try… Continue reading Pumpkins + Trader Joes = It’s Finally Fall Time!

Wardrobe & Beauty

Caitlin’s Favorite Fall Fashion Trends

This Fall all I can think about is light pink with grey, cheetahs and camels, and Sorel boots paired with one confident attitude. These are a few of my Favorite 2015 Fall Fashion Trends! This is one of my favorite romantic looks. I have always loved chiffon, soft pinks, and anything you can twirl in.… Continue reading Caitlin’s Favorite Fall Fashion Trends


August’s Joyful Reminder! ~ Meditation

Happy August everyone! This month’s Joyful Reminder focuses on Meditation. Meditation? Who’s got time for that? –  I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing. However, here are the benefits and some tips I’d like to share with you… Benefits: According to the National Center for Complementary Integrative Health, Meditation will help decrease your anxiety.… Continue reading August’s Joyful Reminder! ~ Meditation

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San Francisco: A City Filled With History, Character, and Charm on Every Corner

On my first day walking through the city of San Francisco I stumbled upon this magnificent Cathedral. On the corner of California and Taylor, Grace Cathedral stands mighty tall and awe-inspiring. It was built in 1849 during the California Gold Rush. This incredible church resides in a ritzy and historic neighborhood known as Nob Hill.… Continue reading San Francisco: A City Filled With History, Character, and Charm on Every Corner


3 books that are Inspiring me this summer!

This summer has me reading autobiographies! These aren’t just any old life stories though, these are truly inspiring, successful individuals whose willingness to share their life lessons and stories have helped me to better myself. I hope they intrigue you as well. 1) I just finished Ten Things I Wish I’d Known by Maria Shriver. I’m not… Continue reading 3 books that are Inspiring me this summer!