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Find Your Soul ~ SOULCYCLE


Last Sunday, my friends and I set out to have our own super soul Sunday (inspired by Oprah). We decided to check out SoulCycle and see why everyone is so hyped up on this place. You hear celebrities from Jessica Alba to Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge loving this workout. We decided to check out the Pasadena location in pursuit of “finding our souls”. 


From the minute you walk through the doors it’s like a burst of energy. The room smells like their signature grapefruit candle and you are greeted by some of the happiest people you’ll ever met. Once you check in, they hand you a pair of cycling shoes and it’s off to the room! Now this room is not what I expected at all, but it exceeds all expectations. It’s very small, dark, words of encouragement are written all over the walls, and the bikes are lined but super close next to each other. Everything has a purpose. They say that when you are exercising at SoulCycle they want you to be close to one another so that you can feed off everyone’s energy. After you’ve clicked your shoes into the bike, there is no turing back now. You’ll then begin to feel like you’re getting on a Disneyland ride. They shut the doors and the instructor starts blasting your first pump up song. I would say the instructors are half disc jockeys, half cyclist fanatics. The atmosphere is perfect because there is no way you will not be motivated by such enthusiastic instructors and thrilling playlists. As you begin to ride you spend most of the time with your bottom up out of the seat and you peddle as fast as you can. While the intense fat burning exercise continues you follow the instructor by doing abdominal crunches while on the bike, dance choreography, and some small lifting exercises with arm weights. The room is a little heated so you are sure to get your sweat on! By the end of this 45 minute cardio experience you feel rejuvenated and exhausted. But once you leave the steamy room you cannot wait to come back again. 


I love the idea of changing up your exercises. Variety is really key to staying in shape. Why not try cycling, yoga, boxing, or Zumba? And if you want to try cycling, you’ve got to go to SoulCycle. Their mission, instructors, and hospitality make a fabulous workout experience. 

SoulCycle’s mission: “At SoulCycle we believe that fitness can be joyful. We climb, we jog, we sprint, we dance, we set our intention, and we break through boundaries. The best part? We do it together, as a community.” soul-cycle.com


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