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Train like an Angel. Fight like a Man.


If you want to have the most insane and thrilling workout of your life then you must try boxing. TITLE boxing club in Old Town Pasadena is the best place to go if you’re in LA. Their equipment and trainers are top notch. We started out with a 7 minute warm up where we alternated between non-stop jumping jacks, high knees while running in place, and squats. Once your heart rate escalated, it was then time to step up to the punching bag. You feel like you’re in an old Rocky Marciano movie where you’re in this underground basement filled with the smell of brand new boxing gloves and sweat. It’s incredible how your adrenaline gets going.

After 45 minutes of exhilarating jabs, upper cuts, and hooks you move on to 25 minutes of abdominal workouts. This overall workout is intense because once again it is non-stop. I promise that if you give boxing a try then you’ll experience more sweating then you ever have before. It really is tons of fun though! You’ll feel like a Victoria’s Secret angel working out to get the perfect beach bod and believe me, with a combination of healthy eating it’ll happen. Let me tell you first hand that there are no other workouts quite like the one I did at TITLE and I hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and perhaps into the ring of the boxing world.

Click here to visit Title Boxing Club in Pasadena’s website >>http://titleboxingclub.com 


We’ll be back soon Title!!

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