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Easy Bake: Apple Pie Bites

Anyone love a nice and warm, comforting apple pie? As the weather starts to get chilly and even now I am writing this post it’s gloomy and raining outside all I want is one of these delicious apple pie bites. I must admit out of all the treats I’ve made so far these are my… Continue reading Easy Bake: Apple Pie Bites

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Week #2 Calls For Candy Corn Krispies!

Snicker, Cackle, Poof! That’s the sound of the witches as they conjure up another festive treat. This week it’s a sticky snack, Candy Corn Rice Krispies! Here’s what you need 🙂 one bag of mini marshmallows Rice Krispy cereal “Snap, Crackle, Pop!” 1/4 cup of butter food coloring (red and yellow to make orange) a… Continue reading Week #2 Calls For Candy Corn Krispies!


Ancient Forms of Journalism Reveal the Importance of Storytelling

In Ron Smith’s, Public Relations the Basics he writes, “Jesus himself was a great storyteller who used parables and other short stories with strong, simple and easy-to-understand messages to teach moral lessons.” As a journalist this chapter in the book made me think about the different platforms we use to share stories. We use the… Continue reading Ancient Forms of Journalism Reveal the Importance of Storytelling

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Tis The Season For Sweets

As Halloween approaches nearly four weeks away my sweet tooth aches for some sweet take-a-ways. So from now until Halloween I’m making a new treat every Monday. This week I made caramel and chocolate dipped pretzel rods. These treats are super simple to make. The overall time spent in the kitchen was about 45 minutes.… Continue reading Tis The Season For Sweets

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Ever Wonder #WhereISworkit?

Welcome to my Sworkit Series! For the next five weeks I’ve teamed up with Sworkit to help launch their new campaign … “Where I Sworkit!” Share videos of you Sworkin’ It around town, in the halls at school, on vacation or anywhere you use the Sworkit app. Be sure to add the hashtag #WhereISworkit and you might… Continue reading Ever Wonder #WhereISworkit?

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The Real Life of a 2o-Year-Old Intern

What is it like being an intern at 20 years old? Some people think, “Oh! It’s coffee runs and paperwork and all the jobs nobody likes to do…” But there’s so much more to being an intern these days. Along with all of our tasks can come insecurities and challenges that once we overcome push… Continue reading The Real Life of a 2o-Year-Old Intern

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Sitting Down With A Mentor For Me – Jody Jackson

PC: For Valley sports fans she’s become as recognizable as Shane Doan, Larry Fitzgerald and Paul Goldschmidt. From an early age Jody Jackson knew she wanted to play a role in the world of sports, whether that be with print or television. Little did she know her bright future would shine right here in the Valley… Continue reading Sitting Down With A Mentor For Me – Jody Jackson