March’s Joyful Reminder!

Your smile warms my face
As I set out to start my day
Your promise to never leave my side
Is how I face my fears today
There is no need to feel lonely
And when I do I look up to You
Into the sky You so beautifully painted
And in the eyes of the marvelous people You’ve created
Unique in wonder and awesome in Glory
I close my eyes and let You lead me
Everything is so much clearer
Knowing that You are nearer
I see things I have never before
Walking with You, unveils it all
Like how precious time is
And how little of it we are given
Praises and thanks for every blessing so far
My family, my friends, my life
I know I didn’t deserve any of this

Not one ounce or teeny tiny bit
But each day I’m reminded of Your unfailing love
In these promises of March to come

By Caitlin Slater


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