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Ever Wonder #WhereISworkit?

Welcome to my Sworkit Series!

For the next five weeks I’ve teamed up with Sworkit to help launch their new campaign …

“Where I Sworkit!”

Share videos of you Sworkin’ It around town, in the halls at school, on vacation or anywhere you use the Sworkit app. Be sure to add the hashtag #WhereISworkit and you might be featured on their blog or @sworkitapps on Instagram!

In the mean time check in with me right here every week to see my Sworkit videos and #WhereISworkit.

When I fly to LA where I go to school for my final year of college, I decide to Sworkit. Setting my workout to Full Intensity Cardio and Full Body Strength I find different ways to turn the airport into my gym.


The extra time was a perfect excuse to Sworkit! My favorite thing about Sworkit is how convenient it is. As long as you’ve got a personal device with you, you can literally workout anywhere. Sworkit allows you to access their large library of pre-built workouts or you can personalize your own.

Set the time, and your off!  I like to say, “Don’t sweat it, Sworkit!”

But the name Sworkit originated from Simply WORK IT.

If you’ve heard of Sworkit before it’s probably because you saw it on the show Shark Tank. Mark Cuban, (one of the sharks) invested $1.5 million in the app. Ever since, its been a huge success. Over 18 million people have downloaded the app.

Sworkit badge 3.png

In my last Sworkit post I talked about doing Sworkit while waiting in line for rides at Seaworld.

Sure, you may get some strange looks from passerbyers, but Hey! If only they knew just how much fun Sworkit was they’d want to join in with you and all those fun butt kickers.

Try it out! Next time you’re stuck with a layover at the airport I challenge you to Sworkit!

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