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Internship Update #2

(dress – Francesca’s, purse – Charming Charlie, shoes – Nordstrom)

This is crazy! I am a Lifestyle blogger and speak the lingo of fashion, fitness, inspiration and all things girly, but here I am talking sports? If Justin Bieber taught me one thing it’s that you can never say never!

Week Two at Sports360AZ.com and The Brad Cesmat Show

Imagine … waking up at 3 a.m., flicking through numerous sports articles on Twitter and in the digital world, and then trying to put together another great show; which proudly houses your name in the title … that’s the life of Brad Cesmat. Is it coffee or the love of the game that keeps Cesmat going?

Cesmat, who’s quick to his feet on all the latest sports news manages to balance his humble family of five while entertaining Arizonians five days a week on The Brad Cesmat Show and Brad Cesmat’s Football AZ show on FOX Sports.

This week we talked about balance.

There is no secret. It’s just hard. To some, waking up at 3 a.m. seems crazy but to us broadcast journalist folks who also have/want a family it’s worth it.

Cesmat is a firm believer of the importance in immersing oneself in the media. This is when he told me that he wakes up at 3 a.m. every morning to start preparing for the show. Even if you are not interested you’ve got to know a little about everything, seem interested at least and be able to talk about it.

Please take a second and check out my latest article, Well-Balanced O’Sullivan Embracing Next Challenge.

Moving forward, my goals are to continue to grow as a sports writer through writing conversationally and witty especially in coming up with creative titles. I hope to find unique ways to make stories appeal to all audiences.

Cesmat wants me to come in next week with a two-minute minimum rundown and talk about four to five sports stories on camera. Things are getting real interesting now.

In the words Justin Bieber made famous … “Is it too late now to say sorry?”  I think I’m liking sports!

To be continued …

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