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April showers brings Sweet Peas and a new blog this May!

cropped-img_37361.jpg     Hello all my sweet peas out there!

After three weeks of much pondering, I have decided to start fresh with my new blog! On you will find I’ve transferred all of my old posts that were on my Weebly website but are now here with the help of WordPress. I like WordPress and decided to go with them because I got the opportunity to work with it in my Digital News Gathering class. I also wanted this site to be more interactive. What I love about is that I can use this format as an actual blog. There are more opportunities for you to comment and share your favorite posts that spark inspiration within you. If you would like to receive regular emails from me on updates then you can subscribe to this blog. I will continue to strive for blog updates on Thursdays like usual.

My topics are of course Inspiration, Wardrobe and Beauty where we will chat about fashion and some of my beauty secrets. Also, Exercise and Health where I’ll continue to post about my favorite fitness activities and ways to live a healthy life. Faith will continue to  touch on as a great foundation for young women and a way to focus your positive energy in a God whom shows that Love conquers all. I added a new topic called Treats because everyone knows I have a little sweet tooth myself, so here is where we can brainstorm fun treats with college friendly, healthy recipes. And lastly, my Into My Life page is a place where I like to share some of the things I am working on in my life in regards to figuring out where my dreams will take me.

Overall, I really hope you enjoy this change! My focus is girly inspiration with sweetness throughout it all. My tagline is Sweet Pea’s and Caitlin Lee because as a child my family used to call me Sweet Pea and I also think the flowers are just so adorable. My hope for this blog is for it to be a sweet place for women to learn inspiring ways to help them become the best version of themselves and strive to inspire those around them.

Love to all my Sweeties,



One thought on “April showers brings Sweet Peas and a new blog this May!

  1. Enjoyed reading all about you on your blog. You are walking the right path….
    God’s doing good things in your life. Colossians 3:12
    “Therefore as God’s chosen people / holy and dearly loved/ clothe yourselves with compassion/ kindness/ humility/ gentleness/ and patience.”
    Love you
    Carol Engelmeyer

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