Ancient Forms of Journalism Reveal the Importance of Storytelling

In Ron Smith’s, Public Relations the Basics he writes, “Jesus himself was a great storyteller who used parables and other short stories with strong, simple and easy-to-understand messages to teach moral lessons.” As a journalist this chapter in the book made me think about the different platforms we use to share stories. We use the… Continue reading Ancient Forms of Journalism Reveal the Importance of Storytelling


Faith: Let’s Talk About Discernment

One of the many blessings about Azusa Pacific University is the chapel requirement. Yes yes I know what you’re probably thinking … “Who would want to go to chapel three days a week?” Three days a week … you wake up, roll out of bed and walk into a religiously centered, inspirational pep talk that… Continue reading Faith: Let’s Talk About Discernment

Faith · Into My Life

Being Thrown Into the Lion’s Den

(written on October 12th, 2015) Right when I thought I had everything planned out, God threw me a curve ball. Do you ever feel like Daniel being thrown into the lion’s den? Well, today I feel like him. I was supposed to have all semester long to prepare for Capture, which is APU’s student TV… Continue reading Being Thrown Into the Lion’s Den


August’s Joyful Reminder! ~ Meditation

Happy August everyone! This month’s Joyful Reminder focuses on Meditation. Meditation? Who’s got time for that? –  I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing. However, here are the benefits and some tips I’d like to share with you… Benefits: According to the National Center for Complementary Integrative Health, Meditation will help decrease your anxiety.… Continue reading August’s Joyful Reminder! ~ Meditation