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Running Into 2015!

Woman’s Health January/February 2015 Issue has caused a bit of controversy. On the cover is a photo of 33 year old Britney Spears perfectly toned and better looking than ever. Whether you believe these photos of Britney in this issue are touched up or not I have found Britney’s claim to fame workouts to be extremely helpful as I ring the New Year.

This morning, January 1st I got up early and went to the gym. I decided to try out Britney’s secret weapon she swears by. What is this secret you may ask? It’s her cardio workout. Britney and her trainer Julie Kennington created this high interval intensity workout done on a treadmill. Here is the 15-minute workout I repeated twice!

After completing this workout I felt incredibly rejuvenated and left totally sweating out all the stresses of 2014. Following this workout I completed my routine with an abdominal workout focusing on planks.

15-Minute Treadmill Routine 

2 minutes: Warm up with a walk or slow jog at a 1% incline
1 minute: Jog at a 2% incline
1 minute: Run at a 2% incline
1 minute: Fully recover (i.e., walk until your heart rate returns to normal) at a 2% incline
30 seconds: Run an all-out sprint (i.e., as fast as you can, safely) at a 2% incline
30 seconds: Fully recover at a 2% incline (Note: If it takes longer than this to bring your heart rate down, that’s fine.)
30 seconds: Sprint at a 3% incline
30 seconds: Recover at a 3% incline
30 seconds: Sprint at a 4% incline
1 minute: Recover at a 2% incline
2 minutes: Jog at a 2% incline, then increase the incline 2% (i.e., 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%) every 30 seconds
1 minute: Recover at an 8% incline
30 seconds: Jog at an 8% incline
30 seconds: Run at a 4% incline
30 seconds: Sprint at a 2% incline
1 minute: Recover at a 2% incline

For Britany’s full workout click here >>http://bit.ly/1sU9TLP

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