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Need A Quick Workout On The Go? Don’t Sweat It … SWORKIT!

Summer is finally here so let’s party like we’re on vacation!! While traveling, it can be hard to keep up any sort of fitness regiment. With my new fitness find there’s no excuse not to work out while on vacation. It’s called Sworkit and it’s my go to beach bod on the go. This summer I’ve been traveling so much. Back and forth from San Diego to northern Arizona and back to LA, I feel like I’m always away from the gym. But now, it’s super easy to work out anywhere!

My friend Mikaela introduced me to the free app called Sworkit. I’m so hooked.

When she comes over we’ll do it during commercials while watching TV.

In fact, the other day we were at Seaworld and despite the crazy looks we were getting we did a Sworkit workout while waiting in line for a ride. It’s a fun way to pass the time! “Come on ladies let’s Sworkit!” we said, while doing squats in line.

It’s super simple. Download the app on your phone. Looks like this!


Select your workout type – strength, cardio, yoga or stretching


How long do you want to workout?




I love how easy this app is. You can also listen to your music while on the Sworkit app.

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(sports bra – Lorna Jane, jean jacket – Guess, workout leggings – Lululemon, sunnies – Nordstrom)

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