July’s Joyful Reminder!

Did Love really Win?

Lately, #LoveWins has been the hashtag and talk all over diverse media forms. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of legalizing same-sex marriages and some Christians are waging war. I log into my Facebook or Twitter account and I am seeing hate, not love. Hate between people and that is not right. That does not resemble the Jesus I know. If we keep on devouring each other than we will end up destroying each other. I think together as Christians we need to remember what it says in Mark 12 verses 28-31. Have we forgotten to, “Love your neighbor as yourself?” It is that simple. Regardless of how we feel about the Supreme Court’s decision, we need to stop being roadblocks that keep people away from Jesus. Instead, let’s be the light.

In the college ministry at Cornerstone Church my Pastor said, “The Bible doesn’t define us, it’s how we treat other people that defines us.” The most important thing I have taken away from all of this is how we need to be more loving to others and also more cautious of how we treat each other. I want to fall in love with people the way Jesus has fallen in love with me, no matter what sets us apart, our differences, or our conflicting beliefs. I pray that the month of July can bring you and I a time of reflection on how we treat others. Let’s react in love and not hate because so much of this world tries to tear us apart from one another. That way, love will really win.

Other verses to look at:

Galatians 5:1 

Galatians 5:13

*Featured Image by Harsha K R on Flickr

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