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San Francisco: A City Filled With History, Character, and Charm on Every Corner

IMG_2122On my first day walking through the city of San Francisco I stumbled upon this magnificent Cathedral. On the corner of California and Taylor, Grace Cathedral stands mighty tall and awe-inspiring. It was built in 1849 during the California Gold Rush. This incredible church resides in a ritzy and historic neighborhood known as Nob Hill.

Wouldn’t we all like to get married at a church like this someday? I know I sure would like to! Well we can all dream can’t we?



IMG_2137Next, I strolled through the streets, admiring all the colorful antique  apartments. Each one looking nothing like the others around it. I love the individualism in this city. The crown molding and fine detailing on every single house is romantic to me.






FullSizeRenderA while later, I came across Lombard street. This famous street winds down a steep, narrow road lined with flowers. It literally looks like a snake slithering through the city. Cars line up just to travel down it for fun. What I love about San Francisco is that you never know what’s around the corner.










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IMG_5921Ghirardelli Square, or what I like to call Caitlin’s Chocolate Heaven. People come from all over the world to indulge in the famous rich chocolate squares made fresh everyday.




FullSizeRender-5The hardest part is simply deciding what to order!










IMG_2315Why not try it all?! I ordered a chocolate fudge sundae and my mom ordered a mint chocolate sundae.









FullSizeRender-6Everything is homemade. You can watch the chocolatiers making waffle cones, fudge and see machines churning chocolate as you wait for your treat. The smell of it is absolutely memorable.







FullSizeRender-4The chocolate is like no chocolate you’ve ever tasted before. It’s just one of those things you have to go to San Francisco to experience.








IMG_2408I am obsessed with my gold pineapple ring. You can find it at Divaz Boutique!









IMG_5971The next day I walked to Pier 39 for some exploring. While at this pier you must visit the sea lions – they are adorable! They lounge on the docks all day soaking up the sun. What a rough life?! The pier reminded me of a carnival atmosphere. People are everywhere! There are restaurants, an arcade, a store for left-handed people, an aquarium, and plenty of gift shops.








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IMG_5983Next, my family and I decided to head to the Fisherman’s Wharf. Near the shore, the frigid oceanic air is chilling to the bones. 60 degrees in the summer here had me shocked, coming from a typical 105 degree summer day in Arizona. The wind and cold air was definitely an adjustment, but the charismatic street performers had me entertained the whole way there and I forgot about my goosebumps.

We ate at Scoma’s. Here, the chefs literally take the fish from the fishing hook to your plate. It is as fresh as seafood can get. Also, a San Francisco tradition, Sourdough bread is always served. It’s like the chips and salsa equivalent to what our Mexican food standards are in Arizona. You can find Sourdough just about anywhere in San Francisco. I ordered the Petrale Dore, which is their local fish in the bay. I would definitely recommend it because it is very light, a white fish that doesn’t taste too fishy. I thought it tasted similar to Tilapia.

FullSizeRender-1On day three, my family and I woke up early to bike over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was probably the worst day weather-wise for us to choose to bike but we pushed through a 20 mile bike ride over the bridge into Sausalito and then on to Tiburon. Across the bridge is some of the most expensive real-estate in the country. The homes are absolutely stunning! I have never been to Europe but it’s what I would imagine Europe to look like. At the end of our ride we ate at SAM’S Cafe on the water in Tiburon.


After our bike ride we took a ferry back to San Francisco. By now I was exhausted and  ready to kick up my feet, sit back, relax and watch a baseball game.

Tonight’s game was the San Francisco Giants verse the Oakland A’s in what the locals call the Battle of the Bay. Three time World Series champs and sold out stands mean you’ve got to get your tickets in advance!



Just note if you ever visit AT&T Park don’t eat before the game. Come hungry! Along with the great vibes and die-heart fans, this stadium has the best food. Head behind the scoreboard to see what’s cooking!

My favorite part about this stadium is that there is literally no bad seat. Whether your view is of the field or you are sitting in the nose bleeds; up there you will catch a nice view of the bay. The park is right on the edge of the water. At our game a kayaker even caught a stray baseball! How cool is that!?




IMG_6015The next day we toured Alcatraz. From 1934 to 1963 this penitentiary held many of our country’s notorious villains. Famous gangsters like Al Capone, George “Machine Gun” Kelly, and Robert Stroud otherwise known as “Birdman” all stayed here.



IMG_6016During the tour we had headphones that explained every part of the facility and told some of the prisoners’ stories. We came on a great day because one of the prisoners was doing his book signing. His name is William Baker and he told me that he first went to prison for stealing a car. I wondered how stealing a car could wind him up in Alcatraz. He then told me that after multiple escapes from other prisons he was thrown behind bars here on “the rock”. William said that back then escaping from prison was considered one of the worse crimes possible. After his release from Alcatraz he spent the rest of his life in and out of jail for counterfeiting.

IMG_6023William’s book, “Alcatraz #1259” tells his tale about living in this damp, dark, and cold place. Looking out a window, I thought about how horrible it must have been for the prisoners to be so close to the city. They are literally 1.5 miles away from civilization. Some prisoners said on the audio that they could hear voices and laughter especially on New Years. Hearing the people reminded them of how close yet how far they were from freedom.






Today only three prisoners escaped Alcatraz and were never found. Do you think they are still out there? William thinks they may be!

IMG_2261After Alcatraz I was ready to do some shopping. Union Square is great for the stores you see everywhere. But, if you want to find unique things head down Union street in Pacific Heights for all the cute boutiques.








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On the last day I found two of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco! The first one, my mom and I discovered on our own. It’s called Crave and it’s not the same one that’s in Hollywood. Crave is the perfect lunch place. My mom ordered the Green Chile Chicken Enchilada and I ordered Pita and Hummus. After sampling my mom’s plate I must recommend to you her choice. Both were delicious but the enchilada’s were homemade and tasted fabulous.




My next favorite place was Perry’s in Pacific Heights. This quaint restaurant and bar is absolutely adorable and one of a kind. While we were there Perry’s Restaurant was celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Breadsticks, sunflowers, and a checkered table-cloth – What more could make you feel as if you are on a picnic in the city?




A quick note*  The most cost-effective way to travel through San Francisco is either by Trolley/Bus or Uber.  I used Uber a lot this trip and it saved me from spending more money on a Taxi. 🙂


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IMG_2241I absolutely fell in love with San Francisco. I cannot wait to visit the city again!!












*All photos taken with an iPhone 6 Plus*

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