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Pumpkins + Trader Joes = It’s Finally Fall Time!


When I was a little girl my grandpa called me his “little pumpkin head”. I’m not sure if that’s because of my red hair or my love for pumpkins. I was so excited to hear that Trader Joes has officially brought out all of their yummy pumpkin spice flavored foods! Here are my must try Fall snacks:

  • Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps with Peaches – this is a great mid day snack. Slice up a delicious peach and place it on top of these super crunchy crackers. My roommates catch me sneaking handfuls of these pumpkin crisps out from our cupboard all the time.
  • Fiji Apples – My favorite kind of apples are finally in season! From mid to late October they are ripe for the picking! I like to add a little salty to my sweet with some lightly salted almonds.
  • Pumpkin & Cream Cheese Frosting Muffin – The perfect dessert! Sprinkled with some pumpkin seeds


*Check out more of the festive and tasty pumpkin specials at your local Trader Joes!

*Pumpkins have many health benefits such as improving your eyesight, reducing the chance of cancer, and boosting your mood. For more benefits check out this article from the Huffington Post.

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