3 books that are Inspiring me this summer!


This summer has me reading autobiographies! These aren’t just any old life stories though, these are truly inspiring, successful individuals whose willingness to share their life lessons and stories have helped me to better myself. I hope they intrigue you as well.

1) I just finished Ten Things I Wish I’d Known by Maria Shriver. I’m not kidding, I literally just set the book down and then began typing this blog post on my laptop. First of all, it’s an oldie, this book came out in 2000. However, the lessons in this book are very relevant today. It’s a short read, only 115 pages. This book is perfect for young adults, graduates, anyone just starting out or interested in Broadcast Journalism. Shriver, as many know was a multifaceted journalist. She began producing and working as a sound tech, then became a reporter for the CBS Morning News, and after that became an anchor for NBC. Along with this, Shriver has interviewed many fascinating people including Cory Aquino, Fidel Castro, and King Hussein. She is also known for her infamous marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Honestly, before reading this book that’s all I knew about her. Now, after reading, I have so much respect for her and feel so inspired by how hard she worked in her career and to keep a balanced life.

As college students entering the “real world”, starting our first jobs and internships, all “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” as Shriver says in her book. We are all so afraid to mess up and are so desperately wanting to fit in. She talks about the importance of making mistakes. Good can come out of them. This was a wonderful message for me to hear and a good one for you as well.

Shriver lists the ten things she wished she would have known before going out into the real world:

1: Pinpoint your passion

2: No job is beneath you

3: Who you work for and with is as important as what you do

4: Your behavior has consequences

5: Be willing to fail

6: Superwomen is dead…and superman may be taking viagra

7: Children do change your career (Not to mention your entire life)

8: Marriage is a hell of a lot of hard work

9: Don’t expect anyone else to support you financially

10: Laughter

2) My current read is And the Good News Is… by Dana Perino. I just started reading this book and am already hooked. This former White House Press Secretary shares her views on why it’s important to stay optimistic through life’s ups and downs. I am a firm believer in positivity similar to Perino, so this book is really speaking to me. I hope it speaks to you as well. Maybe we can converse about it as we read along together. I am only on page 26 right now.

3) Just Between Us by Mario Lopez. I finished this book a little while ago but am still raving over it. I didn’t know much about Lopez besides his role as Slater on the hit television show Saved By the Bell, his moves on Dancing With the Stars, his personality on Extra, and of course his famous dimples. Other than that, this book taught me a lot about Lopez’s strong ethics. Yet another value I think is extremely important. Where do you draw the line when it comes to your own personal code of ethics? Nowadays, it is so important to remain true to who you are and strive to do the right thing. In this fast pace world we live in it’s only getting harder. Lopez reveals intimate moments of his life and career that helped shape him into the charming man we all see on TV today. I find it fascinating that he is able to balance his hectic career while still making time to father his two little ones.

After reading any or all of these books you will feel refreshed. These three books allow you to take time to evaluate your passions in life, ask yourself what makes you most happy, and what you are willing to do to achieve success. I hope you enjoy!

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