Into My Life

Internship Week #1

There are three types of people … Actors/actresses, readers and then there are those who actually know what they are doing. The latter are the people who are smart, compassionate and those who really listen. Brad Cesmat tells me this on my first day working at his show The Brad Cesmat Show at He says, “I can tell who is who so which one are you?”

Then he gives me this example … One time there was an anchor who was super good at reading the teleprompter. But this person fell a part when it came to breaking the news.

Notes from Cesmat:

  • If you want to make it in morning television you need to be witty and you need to really listen and care about every subject.
  • For the morning host you need to know about everything. Immerse yourself in the news. Become well rounded.
  • You have to be naturally inquisitive.
  • It’s brutal … a million other people want this job, so what makes you the one?

My goals are to become more confident in my writing and reporting, versatile with all sports stories and platforms, and write consistently.

I hope this internship helps my interviews become stronger. I want to get better at listening and thinking quick.

In a recent interview I watched between Megyn Kelly and Katie Couric, Kelly talked about how it’s okay to not be fearless all the time. Even the navy seals say you have to move through fear. Kelly said sometimes you have to have your head down, shoulders back and move forward through the fear and once you are past it you will feel a little more courageous and it will get easier and easier. This was in reference to her recent bumble with Donald Trump.

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