June’s Joyful Reminder!

Hello June! It’s never too late for a little Joyful Reminder. Today I want to remind you to have faith. Yeah I know that seems simple but it’s hard. Just remember if things aren’t looking up then close your eyes. Have faith in the things unseen. Yes, the future is unseen as well, so with one ounce of faith your future will be okay and all will turn out. Never fear, for the Lord knows the plans He has for you. I love the song Fixin’ by Walk the Moon. Now, this song probably has nothing to do with how I am interpreting it but there is a verse where they sing, “Don’t even tell me where we are going. Hands over my eyes, hands over my eyes. Just walk, just walk by my side.” This is my prayer to You God. Don’t tell me where we are going. I know You already know where we’ll end up and what my future has in store. But please God, please just walk by my side as we journey through this life together. Look up these two verses for more Joy!

Jeremiah 29:11  Hebrews 11:1

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