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Juice It Up!


Have you been obsessing over green juices like I have? Today there are so many alternatives to getting your daily dose of veggies in, but the trick is to find a good source that doesn’t contain a boat load of sugar. I started my obsession with the ever-so-tasty Green Machine by Naked. Although this juice tastes amazing it is given the grade C on the Fooducate app. (Read more about the Fooducate app in my last post!) Green Machine contains 266 calories in one bottle and 28 grams of sugar. This past week I have been doing my own research in search of finding a green juice alternative with less calories and sugar specifically. The best alternative I found for you is GT’s Kombucha, Organic Raw: Multi-Green flavor. Compared to the Green Machine this juice was given the grade B+ and has 70 calories in the bottle with only 2 grams of sugar! This juice is a big difference from the Green Machine and proves to be a bit of a healthier alternative. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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