Reimagine: Singleness

During chapel this week we talked about being single. Today the word single is portrayed as something negative. “Oh your’e single?” Is something most women in particular do not want to be reminded of. But really what I learned in chapel was that there is a time for everything. A time to be single and a time to be in a relationship. While being single, you have less distractions and God does His best work in you. Living out a season of singleness can help you carry out a healthy marriage later on because you have a healthy understanding of what it means to be single. If you are single right now in life know that God does not want you to be lonely, He wants you to be whole. In fact God intended for life to be done in partnership, not in isolation. And right now it just happens to be the time to fill yourself up with God’s promise that He has a plan for you and there is no need to worry or even compare yourself to others. God is doing His best work in you right now!

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