Exercise & Health

Father/Daughter Paddle Boarding!


Paddle boarding in the desert? Yes, it is possible. My dad and I love to paddle board at Tempe Town Lake in Arizona. It’s a great place to paddle board right in the heart of my favorite city. Tempe offers a variety of fun outdoor activities. This happens to be one of my favorites. It’s also works as a great exercise. When paddle boarding I always feel sore the next couple days in my abdominals, arms, and shoulders from simply paddling. My legs also get a workout in due to the balancing act. You can try paddle boarding in a lake or in the ocean but they are both completely different. Paddle boarding in the ocean is harder because you are paddling against currents. Lakes are typically calmer, although when my dad and I went on the day this picture was taken it was extremely windy which made it a much tougher workout. The point is, I believe it’s healthy to get out there and try new ways of working out. It’s more fun that way and works different muscles you might not have worked before. Some people get intimidated by paddle boarding and are afraid of falling off but I assure you it is not too difficult. I believe anyone who’s any age can paddle board. These boards are much wider and longer than a surf board so it is easier to maintain your balance. Remember the wider you stand with your feet apart on the board, the easier it will be to balance. So go out there, be brave, try something new, and have fun!


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