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Hot new swimsuits all the way from Australia: Neoprene Triangl Swimwear

They’re exclusive, they’re teeny tiny, and they’re taking over the world…Triangl’s bikinis are featured by celebrities, magazines, and are all over Instagram. These fun, brightly colored swim pieces are made with neoprene which is the same material used in wetsuits. The fad is showing up in other brands now like Victoria’s Secret’s swim line. I love these suits because they are extremely comfortable and dry super fast. You won’t be carrying around a wet bathing suit after a long day at the beach. Be careful though because they stain easily and you have to make sure to lay them flat because they can crease. Also, this brand likes to remain exclusive. No stores sell their product, you can only order them through their website:Triangl.com


Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/1EGt4gN

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