Beyond the Teacher’s Lounge ~ 33 Questions

As college students we sit through one class after another during 15 weeks each and every semester. That’s about 72 days taught by the same professor and 72 days of listening to him or her influence your life in ways you may not recognize. As much as we see our professors and learn from them there is still so little we know about them. One of Vogue magazine’s corespondents does a fun, short video series called 73 Questions With. These unique interviews are done with high profile celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Amy Adams, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour, Victoria Beckham, Blake Lively, Daniel Radcliffe, and Olivia Munn. Subscribe to Vogue on YouTube to see more 73 Question With.

One night I was inspired after watching these videos. I decided I wanted to try and conduct the same interview style, but with my professors. I wanted to use these interviews as a way to get to know my professors better this semester. I hope you enjoy these videos in my own version called 33 Questions with Professor Mike DeVries, Bethany Blomquist, and Brooke Van Dam.

When I was younger I sometimes felt intimidated by my teachers. As I grew older I learned that some of the most influential people in my life are my teachers. I realized how important it was to get to know your professors; so don’t be afraid. In the end these videos taught me how interesting it can be to inquire about others and have conversations with people you see on a daily basis. So raise your hand, ask questions, maybe even stay after class or grab a cup of coffee with your professor, because the more you invest yourself, the more you will get out of what they have to offer.

What I learned from these one-on-one interviews is how interesting and multifaceted my professors are. As college students little do we know that some of the most inspirational people on campus are the ones we listen to 72 days in a semester. If you are interested in watching more of my interviews with some of my other wonderful professors at Azusa Pacific then subscribe to my YouTube channel or click on the link below.

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