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How To: Stay well and stay healthy

Do you want to have healthy skin, keep away from those nasty winter colds, and avoid a painful sore throat? Then check out my helpful tips and tricks below that will surely beat the buzz kill wintertime sniffles and ultimately keep you in tip top shape.

·   Want Healthy looking Skin? – Try Yogi’s Cinnamon and Vanilla tea
I try drink a cup of this before bedtime. It’s a great way for you to wined down after a long day and keep your skin gorgeous and glowing.  

·   Immunity – Emergen-C, Elderberry with Immunity
My secret gem to staying well is found in the Elderberry. According to Alt Health Watch in an article called “Health Benefits Boost Elderberry” by Chris Kilham, these purplish berries from Elder trees and mass produced in Austria have more antioxidants then vitamin C. Along with enhancing immunity, they help you maintain your heart health, fight against anti-viral activities, and even help to lower stress. I absolutely love this berry, and on top of everything else it tastes pretty good too! I take two teaspoons a day of Elderberry.

·   Sore Throats – Throat Coat tea, Throat Shield spray 
As a singer I have probably tried every remedy for sore, scratchy throats. I personally have found Throat Coat tea and Throat Shield spray both have great temporary effects. These help the pain and discomfort to vanish for a couple hours to a whole day depending on how bad your soreness is. Simply spray the Throat Shield directly toward back of the throat four times and then swallow. Adults should use the spray up to four times a day.

·   Maintain a healthy diet 
This is sometimes my hardest obstacle to overcome with my sweet tooth however eating healthy and drinking plenty of water is crucial to staying well and not getting sick. Lately my craze has been in consuming apples. An apple a day really does keep the doctor away. Try cutting up an apple and sprinkling some cinnamon on top. This will not only entice your taste buds but also help you get your daily dosage of fruit, whiten your teeth, and keep from getting a cold.  A little known fact on apples is that they can give you more good energy than a cup of coffee!


Interested in calculating your daily water intake? Click here >> http://bit.ly/1EIn2fQ

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