The Girls Next Door

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IMG_9685 IMG_9689 IMG_9691

It’s finally here…finals week and everyone is stressed to the max! To help lift the spirits of those living around me I decided to post inspirational “happy notes” on every girl’s door living on my hall. The beauty of living in college dorms is that everyone is here to support and lift each other up. Also, living on an all girls floor helps out very much because whenever someone is down in the dumps we all come together to help bring a bit of joy into that person’s life. The other day as I overheard chatter in our community bathroom that my fellow Trinity Third South girls were sinking quite deep in studying and homework overload I thought of a fun surprise I could leave on their doors. My quick cure for the study bug blues are these notes! I got mine at Francesca’s. Each note has a saying of inspiration and on the back I wrote my own little message to help encourage the girls during this tough time. Nobody looks forward to finals week, but hopefully these sparks of encouragement help make the week go by more quickly for everyone. XoXo

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