Wardrobe & Beauty

“Cheetah Girls, Cheetah Sisters”


Does anyone remember the television hit “The Cheetah Girls” on Disney Channel? Well I guess you could say my friends and I made a bit of our own rendition this weekend. Our theme for this weekend was cheetah print. Cheetah print is a huge fall to winter trend right now. Whether it’s a statement cheetah print dress or a simple cheetah print accessory you must know that a little spots here and there will set you apart as way on trend for this season. The key with cheetah print has all to do with proportions. Knowing when you have over done the leopard is crucial because too many spots can make people go cross-eyed. I try to think of it like this…If you choose to wear this pattern as an accessory, wear it as a headband or shoe ~ both on opposite ends. If you choose to have this print as your showstopper for the night than remember to pair it with more neutral accessories. Overall, this print is totally fun and worth spicing up your wardrobe. It’s also a perfect ensemble to wear for a girl’s night out and to a healthy dinner at
Pita Jungle!                                                                                #ROAR!


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