Exercise & Health

Current Obsession: The food app YOU need!

Fooducate! It’s Educate mixed with the word Food. This app is my most recent discovery. There are tons of food related, fitness, and calorie calculator type apps out there but it is hard to find the right one that is easy to maneuver and understand. The thing that makes this app unique amongst the rest is that along with having a health tracker, it also has a label scanner. You can take a picture of whatever food item you eat with this app and find out what grade the food gets. I try and only eat foods given the grade C+ and up. The app also breaks down what is good and bad about the food item and some healthier alternatives. I recommend that you try it out! It’s free and you can gain a lot of knowledge about the food you eat. I have also attached a link to Fooducate’s blog in case you foodies would like to check that out as well! >> http://blog.fooducate.com


Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/1FlMyhf

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