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This Week’s Shoe Game

Three shoes to up your shoe game.

Here are my top picks …

  1. The Pick Up and Run Shoe


These slip-on sparkly sneakers are my favorite “go-to” slip-out-of-these-heels-and-into-these-sneakers. Whenever I’m running around town and want to be comfy but still cute I toss these in my bag! They are super sparkly (which by now sparkle should be my middle name) but what I really love about these is that they’ll dress up any outfit. Not to mention, they come in four other colors. I even like wearing these with a casual T-shirt dress. You can find them at Macy’s.



2. The Pointer


It would be kind of hard to punt wearing these but off the field is where they shine. These are a spin-off of the classic Valentino’s that have been a huge hit this season. A pointed toe shoe really helps make any outfit look “put-together.” These are dressy but totally wearable with that shorter heel. I like these in the blush-nude but they also come in black.


3. The Referee’s Favorite


I picture a really fashionable Referee ditching the classic stripes and wearing these scalloped block-heel sandals for a bold and edgy look. Another big trend this season is that wavy pattern called scalloped. From swimsuits to shoes we’ve seen it all over the place. This perfect black shoe goes with everything and it also comes in a blush pink nude.

These same shoes are on sale for $39 here in a velvet nude color.


Again, all of these shoes can be found at Macy’s!

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