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Making A House A Home

Hi everybody! As some of you probably know by now I just moved into a new house in Yuma, Arizona. A long with all the hustle and bustle lately, I’ve been working on turning my house into a home and I wanted to share some pictures with you!

Here’s my office space. Click on each image to find out where I found everything.

For my office space I really wanted to have a very clean and organized area, but also have plenty of my favorite things to help add some homey touches. Of course my favorite flower pink peonies, which I have in both my office and bedroom. Then, with my chair and mannequin – my other favorite accent – sequins! The mannequin is super functional because I can steam my clothes and plan outfits on it. For the drawers, you are going to love these organizers I got from Target. Perfect for makeup!! This room is the place I’ll be putting on my makeup every morning around 3 a.m. Yikes! I guess that’s the fabulous life of a morning reporter!

Now here’s a look at how we decorated my bedroom.

White Bedding & Accent Pillows ~ Home Goods
My Papa made me this white heart bench when I was a little girl. I love it for sitting and putting my shoes on in the morning. Reminds me of home.
Tie-Dye Throw Blanket ~ Nordstrom
Leaning Glass Mirror ~ Home Goods
Heart Faux Fur Pillow ~ Nordstrom
Angel Wings Painting ~ Home Goods
Peony Flower ~ The French Bee
White Headboard ~ Amazon

For this room I wanted everything very crisp and white with a little blush accent color. I enjoyed playing with textures in this room. From neutrals to fur to that dreamy look of sleeping on a cloud with giant angel wings hanging over head … I wanted this room to look like a soft sanctuary.

I also have an actual wooden bedside table that I got from my cabin in Flagstaff. It smells like real wood, which I love! Then my other favorite, the heart faux fur pillow is something I went back and forth on whether or not I should buy it. The item is kind of pricey … $50 but I think it ties everything in this room together perfectly. It’s also super soft and comes in a cream color at Nordstrom. For the backdrop to my bed, it’s a white tufted leather headboard, which my mom found on Amazon. And then, the statement glass mirror, helps give an elegant look.

I’d also like to write a little thank you note to my amazing parents who helped move me into my new Yuma home. Thank you dad for assembling the Ikea furniture … you know how confusing that can be … you are the greatest. And to my mom, thank you for helping me pick everything out. All I can say is how truly blessed beyond measure I am for you both and how thankful I am to you. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have the most amazing parents. I love you.

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