3 odd things you never knew you needed

Here are three of my favorite odd gadgets that you never knew you needed!

Guac-lock – Holy Guacamole you need this in your life if you pay extra for guac! The guac-lock perfectly saves and stores your guacamole!

Contour knee pillow – for real, I cannot sleep without it anymore. JT and I fought over this thing, when we first got married. I had to go get him one from Bed Bath & Beyond! It’s also really helped my back pain go away. It’s because it helps you stay perfectly aligned while you sleep. Great for side sleepers like me!

Handheld Milk Frother – $12 from Urban Outfitters – I use this to whip up my coffee in the morning and to mix my green vege powder in water.

You’re welcome! 😉

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