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Some heartfelt Valentine’s Day home touches + date idea!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! February 14!

I was talking with one of my very dear friends Marlee the other day. I asked her if it were too soon to start decorating for Valentine’s Day. She said, “No!” so here we go!

Marlee and I both felt this way… that after taking down Christmas decorations the home feels a little sad and looks kinda blah. Some people may like this little break between holidays, but does anyone else feel this way? Maybe it’s just that decorating is too fun, idk! 😉

I wanted to share some decorating ideas with you in this post, AND if you scroll to the end of this post you’ll also see a Valentine’s day/evening date idea for all the couples out there!

The Dining Room

The big red bowl that says ‘Be Mine,’ medium-size pink ‘My Valentine’ and smaller white ‘XOXO’ Martha Stewart collection bowls came as a set. We got them as a wedding present. They’re only at Macy’s. We love them so much and I couldn’t wait to get them out for Valentine’s day! Here’s a link to them!

The heart apron is my absolute favorite! Super cute and the heart is actually a pocket! It’s also from Macy’s linked here.

The off-white peony stems linked here are from Hobby Lobby. I needed seven flowers to fill this bowl. What I did, with help from my Nana was cut the stems (with wire-cutters) so they would be the length of the bowl. Then, bent the wire until just the head of the peony was sticking out. Super easy DIY!

The red heart-laced table runner is also from Hobby Lobby!

The ‘Love’ placemats are from Home Goods. I got my Valentine’s Day dish towels from Home Goods as well. They have such a good selection there!

❤ ❤ ❤

The Entry-way

This welcome mat is from Hobby Lobby! Right now it’s 40% off if you get their coupons on the mobile app.

The Living Room

Again, the pink ‘My Valentine’ bowl is from Macy’s. Linked here!

The faux pink peony in clear-water vase is from The French Bee.

Love pillow is from Bed Bath and Beyond.

The third bowl in the set is the white ‘XOXO’ bowl from Macy’s. Linked here!

A Valentine’s Date Idea!

We absolutely LOVE our heart-shaped picnic basket! We got this as a wedding gift.

It’s on sale right now at Macy’s! We loved going on romantic picnic dates with this. Here is a picture of us on a date night overlooking the Coachella Valley. link to the basket

This basket really is so much fun to have and it comes with a lot of goodies inside. It includes all of the cutlery, two wine glasses, two porcelain plates, two cotton napkins, a table cloth, a hardwood cutting board, wine opener and salt and pepper shakers. Just pack the cheese and crackers and some wine and you’re ready to go!

We also made chocolate covered strawberries as an easy dessert and played a couple rounds of Five Crowns. I think this would be a great date for Valentine’s Day/Evening. Instead of making reservations at a restaurant, enjoy some intimate time together on a sunset picnic!

XOXOXO, Caitlin ❤

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