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Reporting on the red carpet at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

Here are all of my live shots from the awards gala red carpet, Jan. 2, 2020.

It was a magical night, taking place at the Palm Springs Convention Center. Beneath swaying palm trees, some of the biggest stars in Hollywood walked the red carpet.

To name a few of the stars … There was Robert de Niro, Renee Zellweger, Charlize Theron, Joaquin Phoenix, Laura Dern, Jennifer Lopez, Cynthia Erivo, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Adam Driver, Jamie Foxx, Antonio Banderas and so many more.

This is what led up to the special evening.

I started preparing for the 2-hour LIVE red carpet event in November. Every Thursday, I researched the stars, name pronunciations, past awards, past films, directors of those films, any ties to Palm Springs, etc. I came up with questions for each celebrity and trivia game questions to play with the fans during the 10, 2-minute live-hits during a 2-hour live broadcast.

I have to be honest with you, I prayed A LOT before heading into this night. I was warned by our photographers, that it’s a very overwhelming, loud and a bit chaotic event to cover. Despite nerves and anxiety that crept in, I have firm faith in a Savior who I know is ALWAYS with me and who already knows the outcome of the night. I truly felt God’s presence while going live. He helped keep me calm and focused. By the end of it all, I truly had a good time.

Interviewing actress Cynthia Erivo was definitely a highlight from the night!

Erivo is so stunning and brilliantly talented. She has received an Emmy, Grammy and Tony. She has performed on Broadway and played Harriet Tubman in the film, “Harriet.”

I loved meeting all the fans! Some people started camping out three days before to get the perfect spot.

A big shoutout to my amazing photographer, Christopher Tarpening! He really helped me prepare for this. He also dyed his hair red and wore red to match with me! Also in this photo is Kent Kay, with our promotions department, who helped bring glamour to many aspects of our newscast. He put the rhinestones on our microphones and made all of the show opens and graphics. Thanks you guys!!

Let’s talk makeup and hair!

Makeup worn: Tati’s eye palette. My own lashes topped with Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion mascara. L’Oreal 24-hour Infallible foundation. Lancome Artliner felt tip liquid eyeliner. Sisely bronzer. Trish McEvoy blush. Champagne Pop Becca highlighter. Laura Mercier translucent powder with the glow loose powder on top. Laura Mercier concealer. MAC Soar lipliner. MAC Snob lipstick. Urban Decay All-Nighter setting spray.

Hair: I just curled my hair with a 1.5 inch barrel iron with a clamp. Then my mom teased my hair and we put one side back with a rhinestone clip. We used Aqua Net hairspray to make it last all night.

Red Dress: Carmen Marc Valvo

I found this dress at a second-hand store and had it taken in!

Wearing my lucky Arizona socks!

Not the most glamours shoes but they got the job done! I needed something comfy to wear for 10 hours that also gave me a little height!

It’s so amazing to me how it really takes a whole lot of teamwork to make the dream work. It took me three hours to get ready. Thank you so much to my amazing mom and dad for coming out to help me. I couldn’t have done this without your help. Thanks for your support always. I love you so much!

We had to be at the venue three hours before our live show that started at 6 p.m.

The red carpet arrivals lasted for two hours and then it was time for the awards gala!

I got the chance to sit in the media room with all of the other journalists from around the world. Some people came from France and Canada. Some people were from CNN, LA News, E! News, Entertainment Tonight, InStyle and dozens more.

In the media room, we got to watch the gala from a live broadcast screen. We all had our laptops out, editing away. I was editing a two-minute PKG (story) that was on the awards gala to air in our 10 and 11 p.m. newscasts later that night.

By the end of the night, I felt so thankful to God for giving me the chance to experience this fabulous night and truly a career highlight.

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