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My Bridesmaids

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How I asked them …


I found these cute bridesmaids cards and yummy champagne bears at Paper Source.

They come in all different flavors and are great for many different occasions. You can order them online or at Paper Source. They also sell them at Bristol Farms.


The day-of gifts …

Engraved makeup cases by Pop & Suki and robes from Etsy!

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Now let me introduce you to the magnificent seven!!!!!!!


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Emilie… my college roommate, my best friend, my cheer captain, my spiritual sister and my maid of honor. You bring soo much light into this world! I remember the first day I met you so vividly. You were the very first person I met on campus at APU and you had the biggest smile, so much energy, we had so much in common and I knew right away we would be best friends.

This girl has the warmest heart. It has also been an honor to be a part of your wedding, seeing you marry the man of your dreams on July 7. I am soo proud of you.

Everyone that knows Emilie knows she is sooo much fun. You just can’t not have a good time around this beautiful soul. And what’s also sooo beautiful is how she truly cares about everyone in her life. You know, she’s one of those people that says she’ll keep you in her prayers and actually mean it. She is the best prayer warrior. She prayed over me before walking down the isle. Thanks sis for doing that. You are such a gift. She is also one of the most motivating people I know. Just last one day at cheer practice with her and you’ll see what I mean. There needs to be more bright and beaming Emilies in the world.

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My Megan… what a sweetheart she is. She was also my maid of honor and is also my best friend. Us three have such a special connection. We like to call ourselves the three virgos because we are all born in September.

September 6, 11, and 16. See… we were meant to be besties!

Megan is extremely thoughtful. She will come by your side on your toughest days and will lift your spirit up so fast. She is a gentle soul but she also is super silly. Megan will make you laugh until you almost pee yourself. She was also my college roommate and has always shown me what it looks like to be an amazing friend. We’ve had some of the best laughs together. Memories I wish I could live over and over again.

Megan is also very bright. She is working so hard right now to be a dental hygienist. I love it when she gives me tips on best toothpaste to use! One thing about this chick is that she is always right. It must be her intuition or something but she is just so wise it’s insane! I love Megs so much! I know we will always remain close.

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If you don’t know Marlee, are you even living?! She’s the kind of person that every person needs in their life. She is the life of every party. See that bullhorn above?… yep, she brought it everywhere and I love her for it! Marlee, is also a very truthful person. She’s not afraid to kick you off your high horse and bring you back down to reality. She’s always looking out for everyone’s best interest.

For those that may not know, Marlee was the random roommate they put me with after filling out a questionnaire my freshman year of college. We had nothing in common, or so we thought. Turns out God set the whole thing up and now we are best friends. Who knew! I am soooo blessed to have Marlee in my life. I truly think of her as a part of my family.

She has been a rock for me through life’s ups and downs and always offers a warm hug and such great insight in all situations. Marlee has also grown so much with her walk with Jesus that it touches my heart more than she could ever know. So proud of you sis!

P.S. she’s also Insta-famous so check her out @itsmarleee 😉


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We may not look like cousins but we really are!!! I love you Ashley!

I’m happy to say, I’ve know you for your whole life! Ashley is what I like to call a bundle of JOY! She lives in Hawaii but is never in one place for too long. She’s an adventurist. This girl’s life is so exciting and daring that it should be a movie.

Ashley has also really inspired me in my life. Little does she know how much I admire the woman she has grown up to be. She radiates confidence.

She is brave and beautiful.  And, best thing is she has the biggest heart for others. Seeing her on a mission trip in Africa helping little kids was very inspiring to me. She is so selfless.

I couldn’t imagine my wedding day without you by my side, cuz.


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Here is another ray of sunshine!! Halie’s smile will no joke light up an entire room! (see first pic) I think that’s why so many people are drawn to her. She is so warm and friendly. I am so blessed to have known her since first grade! Halie has always been the smartest girl in class. She is such a hard-worker and that’s also why I think she is such a great friend. I always look forward to texts from Halie. They are always so uplifting and so sweet. She always makes the extra effort to ask you about yourself and others in your life and that has truly inspired me to do the same. Never change Halie!

PLUS!!! I can’t even believe she will be getting married in just one week! I look forward to seeing you walk down that isle and marry the man of YOUR dreams!!! He is such a lucky guy to have you and I am so thankful to call you my friend!


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Madison, I often think of you as my wise older sister.

I could not have lived in Yuma if it weren’t for you. You helped me so much starting out on my own. God truly brought us together at such a crucial time in our lives and it’s amazing to see how our friendship continues to grow.

I love talking to you on the phone for hours!! Haha! Who would have known two years ago when we were roommates that didn’t know a thing about each other that you would one day be my bridesmaid. I am very thankful for you. Most of all, I am thankful for all of the conversations we’ve had. I have learned so much from you. I am amazed at the talent you have in journalism and how by just watching you I can learn so much. You are such a strong, confident presence. You are also such a great friend to all who know you.


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My sweet sister-in-law Janessa. You are a gift from God. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you in my life. And what a sweet surprise it was! When I met you I saw right away the beautiful person you are inside and out. You made me feel soo welcomed and loved from the start that deeply touched my heart and has stayed with me ever since.

You are so much fun to be around. We had such a fun time with you at the bachelorette party!

Janessa, you are also extremely talented. I’m so happy you sang at our wedding (see photo above.) It was such a beautiful moment I will never forget. This girl is so impressive. Not only can she sing, but she also plays D1 basketball at Oregon State and she gives all the glory to God! How cool is that!!

Everyone that met Janessa in my family and all of my friends will tell you that girl is so nice! It’s so clear that she impacts everyone around her for the better. She’s a blessing to all who know her and I couldn’t imagine my list of bridesmaids being complete without you. You are icing on the cake gurl! Stay fabulous!

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One thought on “My Bridesmaids

  1. Wow. I have loved following your life since we met at AP years ago. It is going to fun to say one day I knew her when…
    She just had dreams of becoming an anchor on Fox News and now she is.

    I love how you are sharing different aspects about your wedding. Looks like I was just introduced
    to seven young women who have helped, in each of their own way, to help you to become the person
    you are today. Of course, I am sure you have touched each of them in your own special way to help them
    become the women they are today as well.



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