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We Are Moving!

Hi everyone! Some big news! We are moving to California!


I am so proud of my fiancé. He’s so incredibly smart. Jonathan got matched with Loma Linda University Medical Center, a Christian institution that is the pioneer of Proton Radiation therapy. We were totally shocked to find out this was the place he was matched and where God was leading us!

For those who may not know, Jonathan is going to be in a two-year residency for medical physics. He helps treat cancer patients by making sure the radiation they need gets dispersed perfectly to their tumor.

I can’t even express how hard this man has been working to set us up for a great beginning. I am so thrilled to start our life together! God has had His hands in this whole process from the very beginning. Just seeing it all unfold and all the little pieces God is working together makes me feel so at peace. I know that no matter where God leads us, He will always be with us.


Depending on a job situation for me, we will either be living in Palm Springs or Loma Linda, California. Stay tuned because I will provide an update on that really soon!

 “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father…”

James 1:17 

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