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Cacti Ready To ‘Sweaty Betty’


Outfit Details: Sweaty Betty Top. Sweaty Betty Pants.

Hey y’all! Have you heard of Sweaty Betty?  It’s my latest find –a really cool workout brand from London! They have some awesome prints like this Cactus Leggings. Of course, I fell in love with these pants because if you know me, you must know my deep love for the desert. 🙂

The loud-looking print is just so fun to wear and makes you feel energized. These leggings are unbelievably light weight. I’m telling you it’s insane how soft they are!

IMG_4547 (1)

The Top, is super unique. I’d say, it’s an off-the-shoulder stunner. You wouldn’t believe how many people come up to me at the gym asking where I got this top. Not many people have heard of Sweaty Betty so that’s why I really wanted to share this with you. This top also comes in black and grey. I’d honestly say this is the most comfortable outfit I have ever worn. It’s crazy to think it’s workout wear!


Now, I’m sitting at home trying to tweeze out cactus needless … I guess I was trying too hard to emulate an actual “jumping cactus.”

Sweaty Betty

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