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Creepy Crawlers Eating After Halloween


Guess who’s out late eating up rotten pumpkins after a terrifying Halloween night?

These donut spiders are my last October treat I’ll be showing you.

You’ll need:

  • Chocolate powdered donuts
  • M&Ms for eyes
  • (thin) pretzels for legs
  • THAT’S ALL!!

You know me by now … a college student who likes simple yet cute recipes so here you go!

It’s nice to have fun treats sitting out for when guests come over to our apartment. Now that we are too old for trick or treating we just hangout with friends in our dorms or apartments. Even though we aren’t kids anymore we still like to dress up and eat sweets. These spiders are delicious and fun to have crawling around the apartment.

Hope you enjoyed this month of DIY Fall/Halloween treats!


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