Wardrobe & Beauty

Shivering in the Snow but Pretty in PINK!

Happy New Year from Flagstaff, Arizona! I’m ringing in 2015 with my fuchsia pink sweater, heels, and wallet from Ted Baker. This year’s fashionable color pick is fuchsia! Not only is this my personal favorite color, but it’s also such a fun way to brighten any outfit from winter to summer and every season in between! Even though I was standing outside shivering in 22 degree weather in high heels, it was well worth taking off those comfortable yet out-of-style Uggs and throwing on these fashion picks for 2015.


My favorite thing about Ted Baker heels is that they all have gold bottoms with this saying engraved on them: “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life”. I believe this is true. Thinking back on 2014 so many shoes have changed my life. Not only can walking in the right pair of shoes make you taller, but really they make you feel unstoppable. In the right pair of pumps a girl truly can conquer the world. XoXo


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