My Personal Code of Ethics

Created in 2014

  1. I will write nothing with the intention of blowing a certain situation or event out of proportions.
  2. I will only use realistic facts ~ no “hear-say”.
  3. I will not bend the truth in a report in order for it to make more sense to the public ~ I will always verify the truth.
  4. I will not add my biased, personal beliefs to try and persuade the general public.
  5. I will approach every story or topic with an open mind.
  6. I will consider who will be affected before ever publishing or releasing a report.
  7. I will understand that there are multiple sides to every story.
  8. I will portray all sides to a story or topic if possible, in a non-accusatory way.
  9. I will be professional and take no bribes or special treatment when researching and interviewing subjects for a story.
  10. Until proven guilty, I will assume good intentions from every source.
  11. I will acknowledge every source with accreditation in all of my publications.
  12. I will strive to create positive relationships and reputations with every source and news agency.
  13. I will not hold back my own fear of losing my job or possible promotions if the greater good of society is in jeopardy.

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