Must-Have Baby Products!

Now that our baby girl is almost 2 months old, I would love to shout from the rooftops some of the baby products I think are absolute must-haves and then some that you might want to save your money instead.

For the perfect breastfeeding starter kit, here’s what I think should be included:

Silverettes – These silver cups are a bit pricey at $60, made in Italy by licensed silversmiths, and only come with one set but let me tell you they are 1,000 percent worth every dime. I believe these are the reason my breastfeeding journey has gone so smoothly. These cups keep your nipples from cracking because silver has special healing properties in it. You can buy them on Amazon here. I brought these to the hospital and started covering my nipples with them from day one, and keep them on 24/7 whenever I’m not nursing. I truly think they have protected me from any pain from breastfeeding and think this is a MUST-HAVE for every nursing mother. This product was recommended to me by an OBGYN.

Haakaa – I use this to collect milk on the breast that I’m not currently nursing on. It’s a gentle, hands-free way to pump and not let any drop of your precious milk go to waste. I started with this product first before getting an actual breast pump and I’m happy I did because it eased my body into the process of pumping. My baby’s pediatrician also recommends nursing moms start out using the Haakaa for the first two weeks while their body gets used to the amount of milk it needs to produce before starting to pump. She said to use this product in those first two weeks if you feel engorged it’s a very gentle way to collect milk instead of using an actual breast pump from the very beginning.

Breast Pumps – Later on, I did get a free, electric, double breast pump from my insurance. Looking back, I think investing in a hands-free breast pump would be soo worth it.

Earth Mama nipple butter – The best all-natural nipple butter that doesn’t bother baby when breastfeeding.

Nursing Pads – Buy these in bulk!

The best lactation cookie recipe! – Check out my Instagram story bubble here to get your milk supply in! I believe the key to milk supply is taking 2,000 milligrams of calcium every day, drinking a ton of water, and eating oats and chia seeds.

Baby Products EVERY Mom Needs:

Nanobebe baby bottles – These were our baby’s favorite bottles!

Pampers Baby Wipes – We tried every baby wipe product that’s out there from all brands and these were our absolute favorites! Water Wipes came in second place and is still a very good option.

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers – There’s no comparison … these diapers are simply the best!

Earth Mama diaper balm – I’m pretty sure this is a miracle in a jar. This product got rid of our baby’s diaper rash in one day. You’ll need to buy multiples!

Burt’s Bees baby burp cloths – These are the softest burp cloths and they are so handy to have in every corner of the house.

Best washcloths – These bamboo washcloths are a MUST-HAVE! There’s nothing softer and we liked using these to help bath our baby in the beginning when you can’t fully submerge them until their umbilical cord falls off.

Best hooded towels – These are so cute and soo helpful to wrap them up in after bath time!

Best Swaddle Blanket – These Toby Fairy swaddle blankets are hard to find but are amazing. They are super stretchy and wrap your baby so snug and tight, they will literally sleep like a baby!

Favorite Baby Blanket – Want to know what is the softest baby blanket? Here it is and it’s called the Little Giraffe Baby Blanket.

Favorite Onesies – These onesies from this cute Vancouver, Canada company called Loulou Lollipop are amazing!!!!!

Ubbi On-The-Go Bags + Dispenser – These are a huge help when you’re on the go and have to do a diaper change. What I love is that these bags are scented so you won’t be able to smell the poopy diaper even if you get stuck having to carry it around for a while.

Keekaroo changing pad – This product is always sold out so if you can find one, grab it! It’s a MUST-HAVE! The reason why is that it’s so easy to clean and will save you the headache of constantly cleaning a regular cloth changing pad/station.

Noodle & Boo Newborn Hair & Body Wash – There’s nothing that smells better and is so gentle on your baby.

Noodle & Boo Super Soft Lotion – There’s nothing that smells better and is so gentle on your baby.

Mittens – We just love these so much and they are super cute!

Gripe Water – This product is safe for newborns and actually works to help get rid of those pesky hiccups.

Sterilizer – At first I was on the fence if this product was a must-have and after getting one I realized it totally is. It’s something we use to sterilize pacifiers, bottles, and the Haakaa every single day.

Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller – We love ours and the bassinet that comes with the Vista is so helpful to take with you everywhere.

DockATot – I don’t own this product but there are so many times I wish I had it to set my baby down and know she won’t roll over so I wish I had this product but now it’s too late as she’s getting older but I think all new moms need it.

Black and White Cards – These are so helpful in getting your baby’s eyesight to focus. We love doing these flashcards every day!

SNOO Bassinet – RENT IT! It’s amazing and not worth spending over $1,000 to only use for a few months. We are renting it and love it so much and it truly is worth renting. Happiest Baby rents and cleans the SNOO. You can rent for $159 a month or $99 a month if you get the 6-month package.

Best App for tracking baby’s feed times, diaper changes, sleep, etc. is called Baby Tracker in the App Store.

Products You Don’t Need (In my opinion) :

Sleep Sacks – Instead, learn how to swaddle! For us, our baby likes to be swaddled rather than put in a sleep sack … although it’s easier/quicker for the parents to use a sleep sack so just go with what works for you!

Phillips Avent Bottles – BUYER BEWARE! From my experience, these are the worst bottles. Do not buy these. There have been a ton of reviews that nothing comes out of them and that’s exactly what I experienced with two different versions of these bottles. I had to return them. They’ll leave you with a frustrated baby.

Boppy Nursing Pillow – This product didn’t work for me. I was much more comfortable breastfeeding using one of my pillows or just holding my baby. I hear it works well for other moms.

Shusher – So many people rave about this product and it does nothing for my baby.

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