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Our Honeymoon in Santorini!

Santorini, Greece ~ Honeymoon 2019

Day one of our honeymoon we woke up to a beautiful breakfast on our private balcony. We had an assortment of coffee drinks, smoothies, hot chocolates, Greek yogurt, pancakes with Nutella, eggs, sausage and bacon, toast with homemade jam, freshly squeezed orange juice, cereal and hot tea. Every day you choose what you would like for breakfast for the following day and what time you would like it to be delivered to your balcony.

We LOOOOVED the place we stayed at. It’s a quaint little bed and breakfast called Astarte Suites. It’s on the south side of the island called Akrotiri (the quieter side.) It’s literally the perfect place to stay for your honeymoon. This place is so quiet and romantic. It’s away from all of the crazy tourist places so you have so much privacy here. Plus, the views from your room are breathtaking. We got the Junior Suite. The staff here is so friendly and extremely helpful. They helped book all of our activities and arranged for a driver to pick us up and take us back to the hotel for everything. They made our entire vacation so easy and relaxing.

When we first arrived at our room, I saw a note on our bed that Jonathan arranged ahead of time. It’s a verse from our song, “Yours” by Russell Dickerson. This was the first song we listened to together in his car on the first day we met. He’s such a sweetheart 🙂

Another cool thing about the place we stayed at was that every room has a hot tub in it! So much fun!

What did I say about those views!!!

Our first romantic dinner at Alali Restaurant.

My Love.

Tell them it’s your honeymoon and they’ll bring you free champagne and a fresh fruit plate when you arrive.

We left our mark on Santorini! We can’t remember the name of this restaurant unfortunately, but we stopped inside on our walk to the lighthouse and wrote our names on the wall! If you ever find our names on the wall, the restaurant owners will give you a free shot. Haha!

Day two breakfast!

Best way to tour Santorini is by quad. It’s super easy and affordable. 45 euros for 24 hours. Plus, hanging on to your man is a major plus!

Spending the day in Oia! This is on the north side of the island. It’s about a 45 minute quad ride from where we stayed. This part of the island is very picturesque and it’s known for the famous white houses and churches with blue domes.

Fun fact: The predominate religion in Santorini is Greek Orthodox.

We ate at Skiza Cafe which has the best view in Oia!

Most of the clothes I’m wearing are from Runway Scout and all of my bathing suits are from Target!

With my honey!

I loved how much character this little island has! From the doorways, to the pathways; everything is beautiful.

This was Jonathan’s favorite place! Ammoudi Bay. It’s over 200 stairs to get down to but it’s sooo worth it! Located in Oia, you can swim to the rock where I was or jump off the ledge like JT did. The Mediterranean Sea was the perfect temperature!

Sunset is the coolest restaurant! It’s right on the water’s edge! If you are heading to the cliff jump, you can’t miss it because you’ll walk right through it. Here’s JT enjoying their fresh catch of the day, the red snapper.

Santorini Sunsets!!!

Enjoying a little wine on our tour of the oldest vineyards in Europe.

Our favorite wine! I told Jonathan he should surprise us with this wine for our 25th anniversary … he said, why not for every anniversary!

Catamaran Day!

We swam in hot springs from an active volcano in the Caldera and snorkeled in the crystal clear water. This is also where the lost city of Atlantis is believed to be located.

One of my top recommendations if you go to Santorini is to take the road that goes all the way up to the Monastery. Despite what everyone says about best places to see the sunset, we believe this truly has the most spectacular view in all of Santorini.

We had such a blast in Greece! Thanks for reading about our honeymoon in Santorini!

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