Into My Life

Trying on my mother’s wedding dress


One of the best moments in life… trying on my mother’s wedding dress.


Wasn’t she beautiful?! ^^^ And I love my nana and papa soo much. Thank you God for blessing my life with their presence and love.


It was the night before going wedding dress shopping that we decided to unbox my mother’s dress. No one had touched it for 27 years. She had it preserved in an airtight box.

I’ve dreamt about this day my entire life.

My mom is my angel. She is my best friend and someone I always look up to.

And perfectly complimenting her, my amazing dad. Seeing my dad get teary eyed while in the dress he married my mom in was surreal. I will never forget this moment here…


I love you dad and you will always be my first love. You are so special to me.


I honestly thought it wasn’t going to fit but it zipped up and fit like a glove. It was hilarious to me thinking that we are the exact same size at the time we both got married. How crazy!

We truly are two of a kind.


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