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The Proposal

The best night of my life…

November 9, 2018 was like catching a glimpse through a window at what my future will be like with the most amazing man of my dreams. Magical in every way. There have been so many prayers prayed for you Jonathan and God blessed me with so much more than I kindly asked. I hope our love always reminds us of what is most important to remember … 1 John 4:19 “We love because He first loved us.” You are a blessing in my life forever and ever. I love you Jonathan ~ Caitlin Lee


This is how the night went…

Right after work I jumped in my car and drove from Yuma to Phoenix. JT and I had plans for a date night at Rustler’s Rooste at 8 o’ clock.  Rustler’s Rooste is the cutest country western restaurant that overlooks my favorite city, Phoenix.

He said he was “craving some of their ribs.”

When I arrived, he had pink roses waiting for me on our table right in front of the live band.

I joked that I might dare him to go up and sing a song on stage… little did I know that was all a part of the plan! So JT hopped up on stage and sang,” Love is Everything” by George Strait. I still had zero idea that this would be the night he asks me to marry him.

I also had no idea his parents, my parents and all of my grandparents were filming this upstairs while I sat below them.

Then after dinner (which by the way he never ordered the ribs he said he wanted “so badly” and hardly touched his plate of chicken wings) I asked if he would want to walk around outside on the back patio where we could look at the city lights.

As we walked outside he takes me to a spot where there are rose peddles on the ground, real candles in the shape of a heart and an arbor with real roses everywhere. (Still had no clue this was a proposal) I thought this was all done for someone else until I saw a J and a C lit by candles and that’s when I knew… oh my golly I think this is really happening! Then I look to my right and see my Nana and say, “Jonathan, is my whole family here?!” Which he replies, “I don’t think so.” Haha! Next thing is he grabs my hands and gets down on one knee. He says to me Psalm 12:6, “And the words/ promises of the LORD are flawless, like silver purified in a crucible, like gold refined seven times.” He tells me he can’t imagine life without me and cannot wait for little Caitlins and Jonathans running around.

He tells me he will love me forever. He asks me to marry him.

And I say, “yes.”




Next, our families run out and hug us. It all was such a precious and joyous moment.

I was still in complete shock.





After the celebration, we all went back to my parents house for even more celebrations.


Love was definitely in the air this night! We were surrounded by family, the people whom love us and we love the most.


We ate these adorable custom made engagement ring cookies and champagne flavored cupcakes by Barbs Bakery.


You can see here, those pink roses were the ones he had at our dinner table.


We opened up some gifts which was our wedding planning binder and the book “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas. And, we all reminisced the “I do” moment until late in the night.



The ring!

This is my dream ring. It’s an oval diamond with a double halo. Truly the details behind how he did everything are so special to me. From the very dear to my heart man whom he bought my ring from and helped him design it so that it would be the perfect dimensions, to how he looked under the microscope after buying different diamonds to make sure he found the most flawless stone.

He is so sentimental and it truly touches my heart.


Then on Monday at work I got to announce our engagement to all of my viewers. I was still in such shock and a bit nervous if you can tell. It’s so exciting but also kind of scary to get engaged. It’s such a big step in life. Who you chose to marry is an important decision and I just cannot believe how truly God does listen to all of our prayers and never gives up on us and always always knows what’s best for us.

James 1: 17

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

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