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Friday favs: The Perfect Shave


Happy Friday!

Want the perfect shave? These products have helped me so much with getting a smooth shave that lasts for a full week!

  1. KP Duty Dermatologist Formulated Body Scrub  – I use this body scrub on dry skin before I get in the bath tube or shower. Using a body scrub on dry skin exfoliates better and removes more dead skin rather than using it in the shower on wet skin.
  2. Eco Tools Body Brush – I first heard about body brushing from Bethenny Frankel (NYC Housewife). I either do this or use an exfoliating scrub. It really makes the difference for how long your shave lasts. Here’s a tip! Always brush up towards your heart.
  3. Tend Skin Liquid Skin Care Solution for Razor burns or ingrown hairs – If you suffer from annoying razor burn or ingrown hairs this is amazing. I apply it before and after shaving to dry skin with a cotton ball. After repeated use, you’ll notice that you stop having these issues.
  4. Barbasol Shaving Creme – In my opinion, cheaper is better when it comes to shaving creme. First of all, always use shaving creme … not body wash or soap.  Men’s shaving creme actually works the best! It’s $1 at Walmart.
  5. Razors – I’ve tried so many razors and my favorite has never changed since I first learned how to shave. The Venus Embrace  is my fav!




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